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HWA Home Warranty | Home Warranty of America
HWA Home Warranty AKA Home Warranty of America has 400+ complaints on the BBB and over 90 reviews with an average of 1 star on Consumer Affairs. We give HWA Home Warranty a 2.5.

HWA Home Warranty Reviews | Home Warranty of America Reviews

Home Warranty of America AKA HWA Home Warranty is ranked in the 60% percentile as far as total complaints on the internet. HWA Home Warranty has over 400 complaints on the BBB and over 10 Ripoff Reports.



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We acquired home insurance for our home appliances (two years old upper market brands), one day our microwave started to make a funny noise that we never heard before. We made our first report to call for an engineer, we explained the problem, after the appointment was rescheduled twice finally the engineer came completely unprepared, he didn’t bring insurance of his company required by most NYC buildings. As a result building manager refused to let him do any work or even touch any appliance, without any documentation. We arranged for him at least check the microwave by just listening to the noise, which was very noticeable, he said in a very poor English, (he didn’t speak English nor Spanish properly): “I need a new piece that will come in few weeks, but you have to pay me now” We asked “pay you for what?” “if you haven’t done anything yet” and he said “it doesn’t matter you have to pay just because I came” We called the supplier company and arranged to pay when he will back with the “piece” and actually repair what’s needed. One day before the new visit (3rd) we received a call from Home Warranty saying that the Supplier informed that our Microwave didn’t have any problem based on the technician “assessment” and that we have to pay the visit fee! We complained with every person that answered the phone and all of them said it doesn’t matter that the appliance hasn’t been repaired you have to pay. we will send you another technician but you will also will have to pay for the visit! at this stage we were so annoyed with the lack of professionalism of the suppliers and the poor customer service of Home Warranty, that we ended paying for nothing and cancelling our insurance losing money on the way and still having the appliance with a problem.

~ Francisco


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I’d like to share about my experience with Home Warranty of America.

In case you’re in a hurry, let me say simply they did not do what they promised. I wouldn’t choose them again and I wouldn’t recommend them.

If you have more time, let me explain that we had the sellers pay for a year of their service when we bought our home. It was a pretty good year- we had no claims, so we had no complaints. We felt pretty good about HWA so we figured we’d renew our policy.

About that time my dad, who lived with us, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We had a terrible month and then he passed away in my house. During that time our policy ended. When I realized, I immediately called them and reinstated the policy for $650. There were TWO days we were not covered, but we were told that due to our circumstances, they would look at it like the two days hadn’t happened.

As luck would have it, our double electric built-in ovens went out at the same time. The 15 year old units were original to the house.

I called to report the occurrence, and was promptly told that since it happened during our two days of lapsed coverage they wouldn’t be able to do anything. I told them about dad, and they agreed to disregard the two days- it would be as if there was no lapse. I felt pretty good about them then. But things quickly deteriorated from there.

They took over 10 days to send someone- after one who canceled same day, when I had already requested off of work. When the repair guy finally came- Old Guys Appliance Repair in San Antonio, TX- he told us that very day that the ovens would not be able to be repaired since they don’t make the part anymore.

After (once) daily calls, I finally got the home warranty company and the Old Guys to talk to each other. (They both ran me around each day before I got them both on two different phones and told them what the other was saying- so high school!!) After they confirmed what we’ve known for a week, the home warranty people told me the claim would go to ‘options’. I was told options would either be replacement, or cash allowance. Good. No. Bad.

Options came back saying they would offer us a total of $100 cash for the price of the part that is no longer made. They said that since we were in our first 30 days of our contract they would not replace anything covered in our contract. I reminded them what I’d been told about waiving the lapse, about having a whole year under our belts with no claims at all, and they basically told us that even with our extenuating circumstances that they wouldn’t pay more than $100.

Brandon and Jennifer both treated me like I’m dumb or something, repeating themselves a lot, trying to get me to believe what they were saying. I was incredulous and questioning how they came to that after promising something else. I had to tell them both to stop repeating themselves, to answer my questions. I was not yelling or being rude. I was calm. They had no reason to act that way. I feel sorry for them both. What a crappy job they have, and what a crappy company they work for!

This is literally causing us a hardship. You might already know how expensive a funeral is. You might understand how hard it is to bury your dad. You might know what it’s like to be kicked when your down, to have insult added to injury.

Home Warranty of America wasted precious time (it’s Mid-December, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use their oven during this time of year), lied to us about waiving two days of lapse even with painful extenuating circumstances, and were rude, cheap, and terrible to work with throughout this whole experience.

When we needed them most, they were not there for us. They do not give a crap about us or about you. They only want to find ways to get out of paying for claims. I guess that’s the nature of insurance, the house always wins.

But again, if you’re shopping for home warranty companies, steer clear of these guys. They’ll do anything to get out of paying, and they’ll be happy to have you wait a long time and then pay $75 to their preferred vendor before letting you know you’re screwed.

Buyer beware: They’ll say whatever they need to get you to sign on, then totally let you down when things get rough.

Consider yourself warned!

~ Jennifer


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This company is a sham, as a Realtor, I pride myself on doing the best thing for my clients. I added HWA’s coverage to one of my listing as a service to my seller. As luck would have it, the AC went on the fritz a few days ago, so my seller contact the Home Warranty of America’s customer service. It was a few days and no contact so then the seller contacted them again, finally sent out an AC tech who determined the compressor needed replaced. The sent the service work order to HWA. Again no status from HWA, so my seller called again to get status, she was told a lot of things as an excuse for HWA not to honor the warranty. So now my seller is out of an AC and there is no response from the service representatives of this company. This is just BAD business and I will never recommend this company to any of my future customers, just a sham to get your money and then not honor their coverage.

– Stephanie

HWA Home Warranty BBB Complaints

HWA Home Warranty BBB

HWA Home Warranty Ripoff Reports

Many of the HWA Home Warranty Rip-off Reports are about claims being denied and refunds not being refunded. Actually, 10 ripoff reports in the Home Warranty industry is sadly not that many in comparison but that said there are multiple companies that seem for one reason or another to maintain a tiny amount of complaints and very few ripoff reports so because of this, 10 is still to many to be in the top 10.

HWA Home Warranty Ripoff Reports

HWA Home Warranty Reviews Complaints | Home Warranty of America Complaints has 90 reviews for HWA Home Warranty and an overall total of 1 star.
HWA Home Warranty Reviews
HWA Home Warranty Complaints