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on 2013-09-27
Stanley Warranty
We found the customer service to be VERY bad. It took 5 minutes on hold to get a manager. The cost of their policies are inflated. We do not recommend this company.

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Stanley Home Warranty Fraud Home Warranty – Big Rip off New Jersey

From:Ripoff Report Dot Com

I signed the contract over the phone on 08 / 12 / 12 and was advised i will obtain the contract within per week. Days passed, weeks passed and it was 30 days and that i nonetheless receive the contract, so i couldn’t learn the phrases. My card was charged the self related day. Also i was once advised they will give me free Freon substitute.

After 30 days passed, i known as ( this was once my 0.33 call after i joined up ) and every time i will likely be became over Four-5 times after which i get upset and ask for a supervisor after which someone seems to talk to me and let me understand they are the supervisor and will deal with this and nothing happens.

So i decided to make use of it and that i known as in on 8 / 30.12 for warranty claim. Story is same, i get rolled on to completely different Folks and I Am Getting excuses like the patron provider particular person is sick, network is down, we are in huge meeting so on. Finally on 08 / 31 / Twelve i was instructed they will course of the claims for two different things and service contractor will call me to verify the time table. Nothing came about unless 09 / 04. So i referred to as on 09 / 04 and as standard, after being passed on to different People and excuses, i talked with Elisa and used to be advised she’ll cancel my account with $50 penalty. I agreed and when I requested a affirmation or do i wish to fax something, i was informed nothing more to be executed.

I doubted again so i called on 09 / 04 / 12 at 300 PM CST and after a few individuals, I asked for chief and Margaret comes on the decision and then I Get the excuse she cant hear me. After speaking for 10 minutes and agreeing to what i was once telling even though she asserts she cant hear me, she hangs up stating she’s going to call me in 30 mins to process my cancelation.

I get a call after 10 minutes, from Margaret pronouncing They’re Going To charge me $50 and then a $Ninety for this 30 duration i was once with Stanley Warranty.

I’m chuffed to throw away the $50 for charity ( happy to be out of this mess ) but why have I acquired to pay every other $Ninety. After All she Also cant verify anything in writing.

On 09 / 05 eventually they tested that my account used to be canceled and that i should see the credit on my Mastercard. On 09 / 07, i still failed to see the credit and once I name shopper carrier, they hang up once they hear refund. I called stats they usually roll me again to entrance desk. Managers don’t need to turn into involved. Jamie states she’ll ship the proof that refund was processed but i dint receive anything. Jamie hung up after that and later do not wish to decide up the call. She was Also rude and said if i maintain calling or chatting about refund, she’ll cling up.

Can someone lend a hand me and inform me this is not run right out of storage or is just not a crime multinational. I see Dangerous opinions on BBB. POSTED HERE



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Cancelled policy today 2/24/15 due to lack of response to service claim after trying to call to make a service claim on 2/23/15 and email for emergency claim via email the company never responded. In addition, in Sept 2014 I filed a claim it took 4 days before anyone from the company would call back and each time I would try to call auto-system disconnect. Therefore, I called to cancel on 2/24/15 the customer rep stated cannot cancel unless speaking with cancellation dept waited 3 hrs no returned call. I called back the same customer service rep stated he remembered cal from early and I stated I would like to speak with manager regarding cancelling and he stated no and disconnected call. I called back and different agent named Gregory stated the only way to cancel policy is to send email to support dept. and the rep Gregory was rude as well stating disregarding the fact that claims dept did not respond to claim even though in Cleveland Ohio on 2/23/15 negative degrees on 2/24/15 single digits temps. the rep Gregory also stated the only reason I wanted to cancel my service after being a customer for 1.5 yrs was due to to negative reviews. I made Gregory aware that my choice to discontinue being a Stanley warranty customer was based on my own interactions dealing with the companies poor customer service. I would Not recommend Stanley warranty to anyone. As a customer that pays for service ever month one should not have to beg for service to be rendered nor get the run around to cancel with Stanley due to poor service. Save your money!

~ Tanya


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This company is a total rip off. They do not provide any service or pay for the repair. Customer service is at its worst and constanly shuttle you across many different departments with out providing any service. So far I had issue with my exhaust fan and internal plumbing leaks. They were not fixed by this company. If you try to get service, it is a waste of time which works out this fraud company’s advantage. They advertise their plan has no service fee, but the fact is their plan has no service.

~ Pari


STARS: star

Horrible people and company. We were stupid enough to buy three warranties from them (rentals) without reading the reviews. So far, they have done absolutely nothing for us when we submit a claim. All they have done is taken our premium. I am angry mostly at myself for not having researched them first. After seeing all the reviews, I wish I had read them before I called Stanley. I feel like I flushed twelve hundred dollars down the toilet!

~ Adriana


STARS: star

Stanley Home Warranty is TOTAL RIP-OFF. I have them for a year (Policy SO136764) – you can’t cancel w/o penalties and paying them back. To speak to live person in Stanley’s customer service by phone takes 20-25 min, and in 90% you get disconnected after 15 min of waiting on-line. DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE! Just a few examples of their awful service:
1. My thermostat went bad – after 4 days of waiting they send a tech who charged to replace it $375, Stanley covered only $250 (go figure why!). My cost was $125 (post factum I learned that cost of replacement is ~$100 unit is $40 + ½ labor $60 max)
2. My fridge’s ice-maker broke – after 4 days of waiting they provided me with the contact at Professional Sales and Services which appeared to back-off when heard about Stanley, according to Professional Sales and Services, it’s been $3000+ unpaid debt from Stanley and they are not taking chances any more. It took me another 6 days to get next contact (Aviv appliance) from Stanley. But Aviv told me that they are not working with my model. After another 3 days (day 13 after initial claim) Stanley rep told me that my ice-maker is not covered even if it’s a part of my fridge. Did I mention that to Speak to live person in Stanley’s customer service by phone takes 20-25 min, and more often you get disconnected after 15 min of waiting on-line. Numerous e-mails are mostly unanswered or contain empty promises.
3. For AC unit they even did not bother to dispatch technician – they told me that absence of cold air while compressor is working and making noise is due to low Freon and it’s a maintenance issue which is not covered.

~ Max


STARS: star

If I could find a 0 star, that is what I would use. DO NOT.. PLEASE DO NOT.. use the company..
They do not honor claims,, they do not respond to claims .. it is impossible to reach them via phone.. You can be on hold for over 30 min. and then get a message of “good bye” or “sorry, all agents are busy.. please leave a message and we will call you back”.. I did this 23 times and received 0 , that’s zero call backs… It has been the worse experience and I hope I can avert someone else from hours of frustration and paying for a service that does not provide the service..

~ Maureen


STARS: star

I called Stanley 3/31/14 talked to Andreas Tyszczenko got a policy number sp15160. they took $57.99 from my account and I never received any package from them I was to get some info a gift card and a coupon book never herd from any one from that day to this 6/27/14.. I tried to call them many times never got thru always got recording that they were with other customers and leave a message and someone would call me back never happen. I called many times in one day and never got thru and no one ever call me back, I call again a few days later and told them I was canceling my contract and still no call back. had to get my bank to stop payment. they got me for four months. they got me for $231.96 I guess that’s gone. I just left AHS they began to turn down every claim you cant trust anyone someone need to do something about these companies ripping people off.

~ Janice



We supply Stanley Home Warranty a Rating of 1.5